Additional Information

Goedele Vanilla was born and raised in Belgium, where she went to Art School and specialized in Ceramics.  She first came to the US in 1983, to study with Dennis Parks in Tuscarora, NV, after reading his book "A Potters Guide to Raw Glazing and Oil Firing."  During a return visit to Tuscarora in 1989 she met and later married Telluride potter John Fahnestock.  In 199 she studied with Paul Soldner in his  "special student" program in Claremont, CA.  Goedele, John, rides and studio moved to Norwood, CO via Telluride, Tuscarora and the San Fransisco Bay Area, in 1995, where the have since opened a gallery "Yank and Flanders".  Lately, Goedela has been experimenting heavily with electric fired oxidized glazes at a variety of temperatures.  Goedele's work is inspired by the little things in life.   It is sometimes anthropomorphic, sometimes whimsical or poetic.  Her pieces hover between pot and sculpture, wing at functionality, fuse form, texture and essence.  Over the year she has been included in a number of national and international shows.   She is locally represented at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art.