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Yank and Flanders Story

A Yank is, among other things, a tug.  Flanders is half of  Belgium, where they speak Flemish, this Dutch.  Yank and Flanders are married and have, besides children, a Gallery of Ceramics in Norwood, Colorado.  


It is common knowledge that Yank is a meticulous craftsman, whose work Carrie that certain "on ne said quo" associated with years of abuse and incipient old age.  Flanders on the other and offers the wisdom of youth; her work is ofter anthropomorphic, sometimes representative, whimsical yet poetic, wonderful yet questionable, functional yet annoying.


Although both tend to eschew fame, Flanders exhibits worldwide, Yank is routinely acquainted with ceramic luminaries worldwide, and they would like to invite you to  darken their door.